Love & Light

Love and Light are not a duality, they are the essence of Life.

Love, Light & Life are the Holy Trinity of All That Is within.

When Life has Light without Love, it is divided by polarity and loses its Power.

When Life has Love without Light, it is divided by gender and loses its Authority.

Without both the Power of Love & the Authority of Light, Life has no Ability to be Divine.

Divine Ability requires our connection to both our power and authority.

Polarity allows personal choice of what we want to have in our Life. These are our attainments.

Gender allows us to choose who we wish to be in our life. These are our attributes.

A choice of the polarity of our authority of Light and a choice of the gender of our power of Love, allows our Life to have differing intensities of ability.

We can live a life of Love without a sense of Knowing our authority, and we can live a life of Light without feeling our sense of power, but neither is Divine.

When we re-unite Love & Light in our Life – we see our own Divinity.

Without Life, Love & Light are just an idea. With Love & Light, Life becomes Ideal.