Life Path

Before we are awakened, we follow someone else’s life path.

It may be our parents, our religion, our employer, or our society in general. This is our fate.

Once awakened, we start to follow our own unique life path. This is our Destiny.

Our challenge is that we have a choice of Life Path.

The question is: “Which path are we on”?

Are we following the path of our Ego Self or the path of our Soul?

Which ever path we follow, we are ‘on track’.

The question is still “Which track are we on”?

Our Soul has given our Self, choice.

We can follow the choice of our Self or follow the choice of our Soul.

Either way the Self will be presented with opportunities for personal development and the Soul opportunities for Spiritual Growth.

The real question is: “Which path is effortless – the path of the Ego or the path of the Soul”?