Just Sex

Just sex is physical intimacy without emotional sensitivity.

Sex is just sex when it is a physical need without an emotional connection.

Disconnected men have a physical need for sex to relieve tension created by the accumulation of negative emotion, because they are emotionally disconnected.

Dumping or humping negative emotion onto our sexual partner via a physical act of intimacy does not create an enjoyable experience for our partner.

Inclusive women have an emotional need for intimacy that they may or may not meet through the physical act of sex.

Making love to a physically or emotionally needy partner is not necessarily an enjoyable experience for either partner.

Women prefer romance to just sex when it meets their particular emotional need in a better way.

Men prefer just sex for the same reason.

Just sex is never just.

Intimacy requires both sex and sensuality, not a trade off of sex for romance.

When both partners are exclusively connected to each other, it is never experienced as ‘just sex’.