Just Caring

“I love you” means I need you.

“I care for you” also means I need you.

When I ‘care for you’, I create a dependency of the ‘jealous controller’ that is too attached and insensitive to the other and needs to be cared for.

When I ‘care about you’, I create an independent detachment that is the ‘insensitive loner’, who is contained emotionally and not bothered by other people’s emotions.

When I ‘take care of you’, I take away your independence and create a dependency of the ‘dutiful carer’, that is too sensitive, too attached, and needs to be needed.

Emotional attachment to another creates ‘bother’.

Emotional insensitivity to another expresses ‘not bothered’.

Insensitivity to others creates neediness as they become insensitive to you.

Needing others emotionally expresses attachment.

Being ‘too sensitive’ and ‘attached’ is being needy.

Being ‘insensitive’ and ‘attached’ is being controlling.

Being ‘insensitive’ and ‘unattached’ is being lonely.

Being ‘Sensitive’ & ‘Detached’ is Just Caring.

Just Being Loving is being sensitively-detached and empowered.

Just Being Caring is just Loving another for who they are and the positive enjoyment of Being with them.

Being Loving with another requires us to be ‘Loving’ with another and to be ‘with’ them.

Life just is ‘Care’ free, when we are Just Caring.