Joy is the state of Being connected to our Power.

When we are connected to our true power, we are enjoying whatever we are doing.

Our Power connects us to our Soul at the Heart of our Beingness. We enjoy the power of our Source.

Our source of power is our Soul, which is in a state of pure Joy.

When we connect to our soul, we enjoy the emotional power that we receive from our heart.

When we connect to our emotional power, we enjoy being our Soul.

Joy is being neither serious nor funny.

Joy is the pursuit of serious fun, when we enjoy being seriously funny and have the pleasure of being serious.

When funny and serious are opposing dual realities of the same energy, our Joy becomes elusive.

We will never enjoy being totally serious and we will never enjoy always trying to be funny.

All funny clowns and comics suffer the depression of not being serious.

All serious business people suffer the depression of not having fun.

Serious pleasure and seriously funny are both a Joy to enjoy.