Heart & Soul

In the Absolute Realm of Divinity, Heart & Soul are the same thing.

Our Heart & Soul is the core or centre and the Source of our Beingness.

The Source of our Beingness is from whence our Self originates.

The Source of our Beingness supplies us with both the power and the authority that enables us to follow an effortless life in this physical world.

In the physical world our Beingness is divided and our Soul becomes our self and our soul.

The purpose of Life is for the self to follow its Soul in order to connect to its power and authority.

Heart & Soul are synonyms or symbols for our Power & Authority.

The emotional power of our heart combines with the mental authority of our soul.

Once we connect to the vision, mission and purpose of our Soul, we automatically receive the true emotional power of our Heart.

When we put our Heart & Soul into Life we become authorised, empowered and fully enabled.