We feel physical vibrations as sounds with our ears, which we call hearing.

Our audible hearing, like our visual sight, is how we recognise and interpret the physical world.

Sound is a vibration of air molecules translated as hearing.

Light is a vibration, or frequency of photons, translated as sight.

Different frequencies of sound are created by different realities, as are different frequencies of light are created by different realities.

Sound and light, together with touch, taste and smell are how we determine the reality of physical life.

When we hear a revelation from our Soul, there is no sound vibration in the physical as it is a spiritual communication that does not materialise in the physical world.

When we hear a belief from our sub-conscious ego self, there is no sound vibration, just a recording of a sound vibration that we have received in the past, that we are sub-consciously choosing to re-play and experience as a thought.

We have the ability to hear a conscious audible word, a sub-conscious memory and a super-conscious revelation.

Only once we have learned to determine the difference will we truly hear our messages.