Greed & Pleasing

Please means “I bow to your superior power”.

Humbleness is bowing to another’s superior authority.

Pleasers are being humble to the arrogance of greed.

“Please can I”? is a plea for permission.

A plea for mercy is a plea for one’s life.

A ‘Pleaser’ has to ask permission from a superior authority and is not free to make their own choices.

Pleasing is deferring to the higher authority of another.

Children please their parents.

Pupils please their teachers.

Servants please their masters.

Dogs please their owners.

Religious fanatics please god.

When we please the authority of another we give away our power to them.

Greedy and arrogant people need to be better than others.

Greedy people need power over other people.

Arrogant people assume authority over other people.

We please others for fear of their displeasure with us.

Greedy people have low self worth and need to win and be better than others.

Arrogant people have low self-confidence and need to be right.

Greedy people and pleasers do not believe that we are all equal.

Arrogant and humble people do not practice being equable.

“Pleasing god does not please God”

“Being humble, to the dogma and doctrine of religion, is not being humble to God.”

“Being humble to God, makes god arrogant”.

“Following the direction of our Inner Coach is ‘Being Accepting’ and is neither humble nor pleasing because our Soul cannot be either greedy or arrogant, this is the prerogative of the ego self”.