Gender & Polarity

Sensitivity is being emotionally connected to our positive female energy.

Exclusivity is being rationally detached with our positive male energy.

When we are sensitively connected emotionally, we access our Power.

When we are exclusively detached rationally, we access our Authority.

When we are exclusively-connected, sensitively-detached and emotionally-rational, we combine the male and female gender of our energy in a positive polarity, and we access our Ability.

With a negative polarity and a female gender, energy is irrational, inclusive and attached by our beliefs, needs and dramas.

Negative male energy, by comparison, is unemotional, disconnected and insensitive to our true power, authority and ability.

Unemotional and irrational have no sense of ‘feeling’.

Disconnected and inclusive have no sense of ‘knowing’.

Insensitive and attached have no sense of ‘seeing’.

Power has no divided gender.

Authority has no divided polarity.

Ability has both gender and polarity that is balanced and united.