Gender & Polarity

Gender is the duality of our emotional Power.

Polarity is the duality of our mental Authority.

Gender has a male or female perception.

Polarity has a positive or negative perspective.

A male perspective is normal for men and a female perception is normal for women. We get confused when we see normal as positive because we then see abnormal as negative.

Thus, when a man sees life from a female perspective, he is seen as queer, abnormal and negative.

Similarly, when a woman sees life from a male perception, she is seen as butch, abnormal and negative.

Divine Love is divided by gender into female love (need) and male lust.

Female love is without our true power, and is our emotional need for power that we call love or passion.

Male lust is without our true authority, and is our mental wanting our own way that we call desire and a lust for life.

When something is what we want, we see it as good and positive and we desire and lust after it or need it because we love it with a passion.

When something is not what we want, we see it as bad and negative and hate and loathe it or fear and detest it.

Whether we love something or need it, want it or desire it, lust after it passionately or hate and fear it, is simply a matter of the gender of our perception and the polarity of our perspective.

True Love has no gender and True Light has no polarity, just Wholeness (Holiness), Unity & Oneness.