Frequency & Wavelength of Energy

Frequency and Wavelength determine the vibration of Energy.

Energy is the 92% of the universe that is not Matter.

Frequency and Wavelength are not a duality. They are the triality of energy that includes vibration.

All Energy is the Consciousness of Source.

True Consciousness resides in the Realm of the Absolute – The Reality of the Trinity.

Divided Consciousness exists in the Realm of Relative Dual Reality.

In the duality of Relative Dual Reality existence, frequency is divided by polarity, which is either positive or negative.

This means that frequency travels in two directions simultaneously – backwards and forwards.

From a positive perspective, frequency is seen to flow forward. Backward flowing frequency is experienced as negative energy.

In dual reality, wavelength is divided by gender, which is either male or female.

Gender allows a left or a right perception.

On the right side of an energy wave is perceived female energy, whilst male energy is perceived on the left side of an energy wave.

The up and down intensity of our energy vibration completes the Holy Trinity of our Energy Consciousness.

Polarity, gender and intensity allow us to experience the frequency, wavelength and vibration of energy as a relative dual reality in a three dimensional energetic world.