All states of Being are Approved when our words have freedom of speech.

All passions and desires are Allowed when our thoughts have freedom of choice.

All actions, reactions and responses are Accepted when our deeds have freedom of expression.

When we approve of, accept and allow others to be, do and have whatever they choose for them, we become free to choose our own reality.

Once we are free to create our own reality, we become free to change our reality at will.

It is the freedom to change our mind and alter our reality that gives us the opportunities that we require for our own expansive personal spiritual development and growth.

Our universe expands as the result of our own personal development. When we stop spiritually expanding and growing, so does our universe and the world in which we live.

Freedom costs nothing and there is no price to pay. Its value is priceless and its worth is limitless, when we give it as a gift to others.