Forgiveness & Acceptance

Forgiveness is fore-given-ness.

When we know that what ever turns up in our life is fore-given, or given for our benefit, we can move to acceptance without toleration.

Our life-path is fore-given in so much as it is pre-determined by our Divine Covenant.

Our Divine Covenant is our vision, mission and purpose for this Life-Time.

Acceptance of our life-path requires us to receive our messages of inspired revelation that show the direction of our path.

The Self has free-will and can choose to accept the path of the Soul that is forgiven, or can choose its own fate, that will inevitably become a toleration.

Acceptance requires that we follow the path that is fore-given, as any other path is unacceptable to our Soul.

Our Soul is unconditionally ‘giving’. The question is: Is our Self unconditionally ‘accepting’?

Acceptance of what is Fore-given is receiving the gifts of Life that are our destiny.