"Force of Light" versus 'forces of light'

Our “Force of Light” is the frequency of our Consciousness. It is the quota of Light that we emanate as our Aura.

Our “Force of Light” is the quotient of our combined physical and emotional intelligence that is our ‘Conscious-Awareness’.

The ‘forces of light’ are the Man created energies (thoughts) that are in conflict with the ‘forces of darkness’.

The ‘forces of light’ manifest as the powers, principalities and dominions of light that are synonimous with our emotional needs, mental beliefs and physical dramas.

A positive thought that is in harmony with our beliefs is a principality of light. A negative thought or fear is a false belief and a principality of darkness.

A positive emotional need that is received is a power of light. An unmet need is a realisation of the powers of darkness.

Experiences of fun and pleasure are created by the dominions of light. A nightmare scenario is created by the dominions of darkness.

Whether a force (thought) is light or dark, good or evil, positive or negative, is just an individual, personal, subjective, perspective that creates the ‘truth’ of our own reality.

Fighting either for or against the forces of light or the forces of darkness will always diminish our “Force of Light”.