When we lose our True Identity, we lose our Power.

When we lose our power, we need other people to give us our emotional energy.

When we need our emotional Power from others, we will fear Rejection.

When we fear Rejection, we lose our Power of Love, which is our Self-worth, and our  power to be our True Identity that is the Purpose of our Life.

When we lose our ability to make credible choices, we lose our authority.

When we lose our authority, we lose our ability to follow our own path and experience what we have chosen for this life-time.

When we lose our Authority, we will fear Deprivation.

When we fear Deprivation, we lose our Authority of Light, which is our Self-confidence and our authority to be at Choice and complete our Vision for this Life.

When we lose our Identity and our choice, we lose our Divine Ability.

When we lose our Ability, we will fear Failure.

When we fear Failure, we lose our Ability of Life, which is our Self-esteem and our ability to do what we want to do to accomplish our Mission in Life.