Extrovert & Introvert

When we are disconnected from Source we are without Power. Without power we develop emotional needs.

When we seek our power externally and need others to meet our emotional needs, we open out emotionally to others and become extrovert.

When we seek our power from within our self, we depend on our ability to meet our own emotional needs and open inwardly emotionally and become introvert. 

Extroverts actively seek energy from other people, whereas introverts passively seek energy from others.

The Source of our True Power is Love. When we are emotionally needy , we react without Love, in either an introvert or an extrovert way.

Whether we are extrovert or introvert is determined by the nature of our emotional needs.

Being extrovert or introvert is the defence mechanism on which our control drama is based. The more introvert or extrovert we learn to be, the more energy we can manipulate and the longer we can survive being disconnected from Source.

Extroverts control energy actively as an Intimidator and passively as an Interrogator.

Introverts control energy actively as a Poor Me and passively as an Aloof.

Control dramas persist until we become Overt and connect exclusively to Source for our emotional power.