Equality; Equota; Equantity

Equality, Equota & Equantity all measure the expansiveness of our Energy.

The Equality of Life is how well we perform actions, do deeds and carry out our Mission.

The Equality of Life is measured in Self-Esteem. When our self-esteem is low, we will resort to greed & arrogance or pleasing & humbleness to restore it.

The sin of greed is responsible for the inequality of Life.

The Equota of Light is the force of our authority of Knowing that we have and the strength of our Vision.

The Equota of our Light is called Self-Confidence. When our self-confidence is low we will be suffering from having the extravagance of gluttony or the poverty of scarcity.

The sin of gluttony is responsible for the inequota of Light in our life.

The Equantity of Love is the magnitude of our power to Be who we feel we are, which is our Purpose.

The Equantity of our Love is called Self-Worth. When our self-worth is low, we will resort to self-righteous pride and sanctimonious humility in order to restore it.

The sin of pride is responsible for the inequantity of Love in our life.