Envy & Jealousy

Envy is wanting what someone else has.

Jealousy is the feeling of rejection when someone we need doesn’t need us.

When someone needs what we can give them, we are enthused by the pleasure of giving them what we have and they do not.

Our enthusiasm for giving them what they want or need enthuses us with their gratitude in receiving it.

We equalise their envy of what we have and they need with our kindness in giving.

When giving and receiving are in balance then envy and kindness are engendered in the pure energy of Love called Gratitude.

When what we have to give is rejected by another and there is no kindness, no gratitude and no pleasure is received, we experience jealousy.

This inequality of negative energy called jealousy, seeks the love of a caring person to quell and unify it once again.

The jealousy of unrequited love (unreturned need) is expressed in our belief that we are not cared for as the rejector of our love does not care for us.

Jealousy is further complicated when the person who appears not to need us, appears to need someone else to meet their needs, that we need to meet.

We are never jealous of another but envious of what they have and we do not.

We never envy someone else’s jealousy.

Jealousy is our emotional need to be needed that is unmet. We will envy someone whose emotional need to be needed is met.