Earth School

The Planet Earth is the perfect contextual field in which to experience dual reality life in a three dimensional existence.

Life is an opportunity to spiritually grow and Earth is an ideal School.

All negative problems that we encounter in life are learning opportunities.

We first learn to solve problems.

All positive or negative challenges that we accept in life are learning opportunities.

We next learn to face our challenges.

All positive opportunities in life are there for us to learn and grow and become spiritually expansive.

We were not born to work hard in school learning the hard lessons of life.

We were not born to not work in life and take things easy.

We have chosen to come here to earth School to personally develop our Self and to spiritually develop our Soul in the most effortless way possible.

We have come here to Earth to learn how to take this wonderful opportunity to choose who we wish to be, what we desire to have and what we want to do in our Life.

We have come here to learn firstly that we have choice and secondly what we have chosen to choose with our choice.