Duty is paying what we owe to our own kind.

Whatever we own, we have an attachment to, and all attachments have a duty attached, which we are due to pay.

We have a duty to those whom we are attached to.

All attachments have an emotional charge called our dues or our duty.

When we do our duty, we are being kind to our own kind.

A dutiful person has an emotional attachment to those they perform their duty for.

When we do our duty, we pay the emotional charge that is due for us to get our emotional needs met.

Duty free means that there is no attachment and no fees are due.

A duty is a ‘have to’ that is our duty to perform.

Our duties are decided by the authority that we give our power away to.

We have no duty to pay to our Soul.

Our Soul’s gift to us is Freedom of Choice, which is Duty Free.

We cannot be At Choice and have duty. We can choose duty because we have choice, but duty is never a Divine Choice.

Divine Choice is always attachment free and duty free.