Disappointment is missing ‘an appointment with the future’ in the present.

A future appointment is an expectation of an appointment that we expect to happen.

An appointment is a pre-determined meeting, occurence or happening that has been pre-arranged by our ego self.

When we choose for another what they choose for them self, we have no expectation of what they choose and therefore, there can be no disappointment.

We are appointed by our ego self to levels of appointment and expectations of occurence. The higher in authority over others we appoint our self to be, the more we expect our expectations to be met by others.

When we decide in advance what we want to occur, we create an expectation and an opportunity for disappointment.

Disappointment is the disease of expectation. It is when the ‘ointment ‘ of our need suddenly appears to disappear. When our needs remain unmet, we experience disappointment.

Behind every disappointment is an unmet need and a false belief that created the expectation.

Divine appointment in divine timing has no disappointment because it is without expectation of the future and without judgement of the past.

When we expect the unexpected, we pre-determine an appointment with our destiny. We are never disappointed with our destiny, only with the dis-appointment of our fate.

Disappointment is an indicator that we are off-track and the appointment we expected was our fate and not our destiny. When we do not ‘inspect’ our destiny, we can ‘expect’ our fate to appear.

Our destiny is always what turns up and we always have a choice of how we perceive what turns up. When we are disappointed at what turns up, we know at some level that we were expecting something else.

Whether we experience an appointment with destiny or the disappointment of our fate, is as always down to our choice of perspective.