Dementia Is A Problem

Dementia is a problem of not being able to think for myself.

Thinking is a conscious mental action that requires data, information or intelligence.

We store information in our sub-conscious memory and the greater the store of intelligence, the more intelligent we appear to be.

Intelligence is stored information and not being able to access my memorable data is not very intelligent.

In our society, we are educated to believe that intelligence is the ability to remember or recall stored data from our memory.

The depth of our sub-conscious memory is believed to be relative to the height of our intelligence.

Dementia is believed to be a gradual loss of intelligence, when it is really the gradual loss of the ability to recall memory.

When our memory becomes instantly lost, we are diagnosed with amnesia.

The medical profession defines amnesia as memory loss and defines dementia as brain cell loss.

Even though medical science believes that memory is stored in the brain, it does not see dementia as the gradual onset of amnesia.

Understanding how the brain, the mind and memory interact is a key requirement to living with dementia.

When I believe that the mind is a function of the brain, I will assume that dementia is a state of losing my mind because of a malfunction of the brain.

When I believe that the brain is a processor of the mind, a totally different scenario becomes a possibility.

It is no longer clear whether the problems associated with dementia are caused by a malfunction in the brain or by the mind not functioning normally.

If dementia is a physical problem, then the brain is the cause, but if dementia is a mental problem, then the mind is the cause.

If dementia is an emotional problem, it does not warrant thinking about.

Whichever way, is dementia the loss of memory or is it the inability to recall memory?

Is the problem of dementia caused by the brain or is it an effect of the mind?

Using a computer as a metaphor, is dementia caused by the malfunctioning hard drive of the processor or is dementia the effect of a corruption in the software programme?

Processing mental data is the process of my physical processor that I call my brain.

My programmed software is the mental data that is a programme of my sub-conscious mental programmer called my mind.

My sub-conscious mind not only runs my mental programmes, it also writes them to memory.

I ask myself, who is doing my thinking, is it my brain or is it my mind, and am I thinking consciously or am I becoming conscious of my sub-conscious thinking?

The more that I think about things, the more things that I have to think about.

One of the biggest problems with dementia is that the less I am able to remember, the less I am able to think, and the less able I am to think about anything, the less I can remember.

When I am unable to think for myself, I am trapped in a world of other people’s thinking.

Being trapped in a world of other people’s thinking is the great irony of dementia.

As I look deeper into the causes & effects of dementia, this observation is both the cause & the effect of dementia.

At birth, I was born into a world of other people’s thinking and my early formative years were formed by other people’s thinking. I adopted other people’s beliefs as my own and formed mental programmes based on those beliefs, which I considered as being normal.

In a world where beliefs are never challenged, mental programmes are never changed and I follow the normal programmed beliefs of the society & culture into which I am born because that is normal.

It has become normal in our society & our culture for people to get some degree of dementia as they become older or more senile.

It is a common belief that our brains get old and no longer work as well as when we were younger.

We tend to see the brain as a mental muscle that like other muscles has to be regularly exercised otherwise it will fall into decline through lack of use.

It is seen as normal for brain function, like eye sight & hearing to decline as we get older.

Senile dementia is seen as memory loss due to old age.

It is only when our memory impairment becomes a particular problem to other people that they believe that we are suffering from dementia.

When I live in a world of other people’s thinking, I start to believe that I am becoming old & demented myself.

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