Debit & Credit

A credit is something we give to another.

A debit is something we receive from another.

A debt is something we owe to another when they expect to receive what we are unable at present to give.

In absolute reality there is no debit and no debt. God only ever gives us Credit.

We owe God nothing and God asks nothing of us. We have no debt to pay to and receive no debit from God.

In Absolute Reality there is only Credit. Whenever we give God the Credit of Being Prime Creator, God Credits us with whatever we ask. 

When we ask, knowing that it is already given, we Credit God with our Gratitude, and  God credits us with everything that we ask.

Debt is a manifestation of ownership and possession. Whatever we own and possess will own and possess us.

When we become possessed by money or the lack of money, we believe that we need to own it, instead of allowing it to flow to and through us.

Our belief in scarcity creates a lack of flow. A fear of not enough creates debt and credit, instead of Cred-ability with our Self and Credit-ability with God.