Contained & Controlled

Our sub-conscious id seeks to contain and control the conscious ego self within the boundaries of our beliefs and emotional needs.

Our beliefs are the railway lines along which our sub-conscious thought travels to meet our emotional needs. Our train of thought is sub-consciously determining how to meet our needs emotionally.

The journey is smooth and uneventful and the train runs on time as long as it stays on track and on schedule. In this analogy, the track is the space we inhabit and the schedule is the time we spend on our journey.

Trains run on a fixed track, to a consistent time, that creates a fixed reality – i.e. the train is controlled by the track and the schedule. In a similar way, we are controlled by our programmed beliefs, which are the rails on which we run, and our emotional needs, that need to be met on a regular basis, regulate our schedule.

Beliefs create behaviours and our behaviours become our schedule or time-table, which are our order and routine. When we run to routine and order, we are contained within our comfort zone and controlled by our beliefs and our needs.

Personal spiritual growth does not occur within our comfort zone. Containment, through sub-conscious order and control, disconnects us from our Soul’s expansive purpose in Life.

When our routine and orderly life becomes habitual, we get locked into a system that becomes, over time, addictive and obsessive.

We become controlled and contained by our obsessive addictions to getting our emotional needs met, and the sub-conscious ‘fat-controller’ is on course for chaos and disaster.