Conscious-Awareness is the fundamental Energy of the Universe.

The Universe is a fundamental Energy of Conscious-Awareness.

Energy is the Conscious-Awareness of the Universe and the Uni-verse of Conscious-Awareness.

Energy – The Universe – Conscious-Awareness are fundamentally One and the same.

To become aware of its Consciousness and conscious of its Awareness, the Energy of the Universe that is Universal Energy, divided and created a dual reality world of consciousness and awareness.

Consciousness and Awareness in separation created a duality of Physical and Spiritual, matter & energy.

The Consciousness of matter is called Light. The Awareness of energy is called Love.

With the consciousness of Light and the awareness of Love, the Universe has created the conscious-awareness of Life.

With conscious Authority and awareness of Power, the Universal Energy of Conscious-Awareness created the Ability of Life.

Conscious-Awareness is a Divine Attainment.