Consciousness is knowing what we are doing.

Awareness is knowing who we are Being.

We can have what ever we want to have, once we become consciously-aware of who we are being whilst we are doing whatever we are doing.

What we are doing is the role that we are enacting in our life with our character and our personality.

Who we are Being is the emotional state of Being that we are experiencing, and is the true identity of who we really are.

With the awareness of who we really are, we have the ability to bring our vision into our conscious reality, because our purpose has been revealed.

With awareness, we reveal the purpose of our life that directs us on our personal mission, to manifest our own individual, unique and exclusive vision for this life-time.

Our ultimate choice is to be aware of the purpose of our life; to become conscious of the mission that we have come here to undertake; and to become consciously-aware of our vision that will ultimately fill us with contentment and joy.

Consciously accomplishing our mission is our highest contentment.

Being aware of our purpose is our highest joy.

Being consciously-aware of both is our highest fulfilment of our vision for our life.