Blessings & Curses

When an experience is positive it meets an emotional need, raises our energy, and is a blessing.

When an experience is negative it creates an emotional need, drains our energy, and is a curse.

Blessings and curses are a drama that either raise or lower our emotional energy. They are the effect of our belief, not the action of someone else, though when we are affected by other people’s actions, we may see them as blessing or cursing us.

When in a state of being detached, we know that other people’s actions are neither a blessing nor a curse, just other people’s actions.

Sensitive people feel the effects of other people’s action because they are neither contained nor insensitive to what others are doing.

Detached people who are insensitive will deny that blessings and curses exist because they have no awareness of how other people affect them emotionally.

Sensitive people with attachments to other people will become a victim of other people’s blessings and curses, because they have no defence against either.

With sensitive-detachment we become transparent to the emotional actions of others and immune to their blessings and curses.

Without sensitive-detachment, blessings and curses will have a positive or negative effect on our path, and will be seen as good or bad depending on our perspective.