Bewitched, Bemused & Bewildered

When we are bewitched, bemused and bewildered, we are frustrated, confused and lost.

When we are frustrated in what we are trying to do, we are said to be attacked by demons or gremlins and we are the subject of curses that impede our progress. We are bewitched by the curses of our own thoughts and other people’s words are a reflection of our thoughts that we have attracted.

When we are confused about who we are, we become bemused and our power turns from amusement to bemusement. Amusement gives us fun and pleasure whereas bemusement impedes our positive flow and cuts us off from our energy and power. We become bemused when we confuse who we are being with what we do for a living. We are bemused by our fate and the emotional needs that have driven us to follow it.

When we are lost, we are disconnected from the direction of our soul and following a path that leads us into bewilderment. The only cure for bewilderment is a spell in the wilderness to connect us to our true nature. Bewilderment is caused by the endless problems we encounter because we missed the messages that uncover our lessons that lead to an effortless life.

Bewitched, bemused and bewildered is the way, the truth and the life of all unawakened Beings who are not yet alert and aware to the clarity, direction and presence of their Soul.

Presence is the antedote to bewitchment; clarity clears away bemusement; and direction alleviates bewilderment.