Being of Service

Being of Service to another is different to helping someone.

Helping to solve someone else’s problems is not serving their higher good and allowing them to grow.

When we do not solve our own problems, we do not get our opportunities for development and growth.

When we do not face our own challenges and learn our life lessons, our problems will continue to present themselves for our attention.

We cannot help someone follow their own path unless we know what their path is.

We can only know their path if we hear their messages, which we do not.

We can ‘coach’ someone along their path by helping them to hear their messages and by supporting them to become sufficiently empowered to face their personal growth opportunities.

Being of service to others by guiding and supporting them on their path is most beneficial as it allows us to receive guidance and support on our path.

When we are Being of Service to our Self, we are being our Soul, which is different to helping our self or being influenced by a self-serving ego.