Being Merry

The state of merriment, or the state of being merry, is a positive emotion that we feel when we share the same time, space and reality as others of our kind.

Being merry is being in harmony with our family, friends and relatives, enjoying a social occasion together.

We wish everyone in our acquaintance a very merry christmas, because it is a time of sharing our merriment together.

Christmas is a time for sharing and true sharing is when giving and receiving are emotionally in balance.

When we share the positive aspects of who we are with the positive aspects of others, we experience the merriment of being merry.

The reality of christmas is a time of sharing together in one place, a celebration of the highest aspects of who we are.

Being merry has nothing to do with consuming alcohol, even though we experience being merry in the Pub when sharing the same time, space and reality with our friends.

Drinking to excess limits the merriment when it causes individual realities to differ.

Getting drunk is the negative state of being ‘too merry’.