Avarice is the pursuit of Power over other people.

Avarice is the need to be better than other people, by having more power than other people.

In our disconnection from our True Source of Power, we compete with other people for our  Emotional Power.

In our modern society, we measure how much power we have over other people by how much influence we have over other people.

Our ability to influence others is measured by the amount of money that we have, the amount of status that we have and the amount of  superior knowledge that we have.

Avarice, also known as greed, is driven by the false belief that the accumulation of knowledge, status and money will give us influence and power over other people.

By the Law of Attraction: When we seek power over other people, other people will seek to take our power away from us.

Competing for power results in a competition for power, which translates in modern society as a competition to see who can win and achieve the success of having the most money, the highest status and the greatest intelligence.

When we seek to become healthier, wealthier and wiser than others, we run the risk of losing the competition for Life.

We no longer have to compete for our Life. We have already won the Race to be Human.

Health, Wealth & Wisdom are our birthright and our True Nature, once we learn to connect to the True Nature of our Self, which is our Soul and Inner Coach.