Attributes & Attainments

An Attribute is a state of Being that we are experiencing in a particular moment of time.

An attribute is a gift that we express to the world, in the present moment of time.

An Attribute is a particular state of being that is attributed to us in the present moment.

An Attainment is an aspect of our True Identity that we have achieved or attained by and through our own experience.

The paradox of Attributes & Attainments is that we have to be them to do them, and we have to do them to be them.

We have to attain the attribute in order for the attainment to be attributed to us.

We attain our Attainments by Being the Attributes that are attributed to us.

Acceptance is the attainment of Being Accepting.

Accepting is the attribute of attaining Acceptance.

When what we are doing is who we are being, we have attained an attribute of our Divinity.

When I am being Accepting whilst accepting what is given, then I have attained Acceptance.