Attraction & Magnetism

Magnetism has a fixed polarity. It is created when all the atoms in an element spin in the same direction – they become magnetic.

Polarity means direction. Polarity becomes evident when energy flows through elements in the same direction – as with electricity through a copper wire or magnetism through an iron bar.

Magnetism and electricity are the same force (energy) acting tangentially to each other. This means that when we turn the energy flow at a ninety degree angle, magnetism becomes electricity and vice versa.

Magnetism has polarity, whereas Attraction is undivided by polarity – it is neither positive nor negative. Attraction is whole and has Integrity.

The Law of Attraction states that “Like is drawn unto its self”. With magnetism opposites appear to attract.

The belief that opposite magnetic poles attract is an illusion of perspective. In reality a north/south alignment of polarity aligns with a north/south alignment, but repels a south/north alignment, which has an opposing polarity alignment.

Alignment and polarity are an illusion of perspective. When we change our perspective, we change our alignment and we change our polarity.

Polarity is created by direction. Direction of spin creates a positive or a negative magnetic polarity relative to our perspective. When we change our perspective – look from the opposite direction – the direction of spin appears to reverse. Thus a clockwise spin seen from the north will become an anti-clockwise spin seen from the south, even though the direction of spin has not changed.

Attraction is neutral, which means that it has no polarity. It just is a Divine Perspective.