We Attest to who we are Being or Becoming.

Whoever we choose to Be is an Attestment, or A Testament, to who we are.

The ‘New Testament’ is a new choice of who we can choose to be.

Who we are is a testament to our Self.

Attestments are a testament to the attributes that we have attained.

We Attest to the True identity of who we really are.

Our True Identity, the states of Being to which we attest, will empower us.

When we attest to what we want, we disempower the Universe.

An Attestment is a statement of our perceived potency and power.

We are inspired to attest to our True Omnipotent  Nature.

Our true nature is an Attestment of our Natural Truth.

Life is a test, until we Attest to and become who we really are.