A Force for Good

There is no force for good. There is just our authority to live life.

The strength of our ‘life-force’ energy depends on how well connected we are to our exclusive source of authority – our Inner Coach or Soul.

Our force of authority is neither good nor bad, it just is our force of authority. Its relative strength or weakness determines the quota of the force.

Our Soul has only one perspective – our sole perspective.

Our Self has the choice of two perspectives. It is our ability to see two different perspectives that allows us to have a choice. Without relative perspective there is no choice – just the one path of the Soul.

It is not our destiny to follow the path that is good and right, but to explore, experience and discover all paths, so that we may determine what is good and right for each of us individually.

It is only in the experiencing of what we don’t want (the bad) that we can choose what we do want (the good).

Everything gets really confusing when we all start to choose for other people. When we choose for others, we give them a force that is not of their authority, which will not prove to be what they want in the long term, and therefore it will not be good or beneficial for them.

When we choose to follow the authority of another, we choose a force for evil, because it will never lead us to what our Soul has chosen for our Self. Ultimately, we always want for our Self what our Soul wants for our Self.