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Authority & Magnitude

Authority & Magnitude are gender opposites.

Authority is the measure of the force of a frequency of thought.

Magnitude is the measure of the size (length) of a wavelength of emotion.

A Divine Thought in Divine Time has a force of authority called Wisdom.

Divine Love is a magnitude of emotion called Wealth.

Wealth is a divine feeling of the magnitude of Love.

Wisdom is an intuitive knowing that has the authority of Light.

Wise authority is enlightening and allows a magnitude of empowering wealth.

A magnitude of female power is attractive to a force of male authority.

When male authority is balanced with a magnitude of female love, it is a powerful force.

The magnitude of my power is inversely proportionate to the force of my authority.

Power & Force

Power & Force are gender opposites.

Power is a wavelength of female emotional energy.

Force is a frequency of male mental energy.

In a relative dual reality world, where energy is divided by gender, frequency & wavelength are inversely proportional.

Therefore, the more power I have the less force I require & the more force I apply, the less power I have.

Effortless power requires no external force & experiences no resistance.

An intense force of conviction is called will power but it has no power of its own.

The force of will is called effort.

When confronted by resistance, I have to make an effort.

The greater the conviction, the greater the resistance & the greater the effort required.

The Law of Reversed Effort employs emotional power instead of mental force.

The ego has a force of mental authority that is inversely proportionate to its magnitude of emotional power.

This means that the ego’s emotional state of being determines the magnitude of its power, not the force of its beliefs.

When the ego’s choice is relative to the Soul’s choice it is connected to the force of authority of the Soul’s power.

The World Is Full Of Energy

Gas & electric, petrol & diesel, wood & coal, food & water are all fuels.

They are matter and they do matter but they are not energy.

The Energy of our World is Reality.

The Energy of Space & Time determine our individual, unique & exclusive Reality in this World.

When my space is limited & my time is limited, I experience a limited reality.

In a continuous life, space is infinite, time is eternal & possibilities are endless.

A world full of energy has spirit.

Spirit is the energy of Life in this World.

The spiritual reality of energy is that it is a physicality with a mentality & an emotionality.

The emotional energy of Love is the power that connects to the mental energy of my Light that is the authority to experience the physical ability of my Life.

The creative energy of our world is Consciousness.

Consciousness creates the reality of our choice in a world that is full of creative energy.

Ph, Pi, Phi

Ph is the potential of energy.

The potential of energy is its balance & meaning.

In a binary system, the balance is .5 between 1 & 0.

Pi is the potential magnitude of energy.

It is a matter of diameter times circumference of whole energy.

Phi is the potential force of energy.

The force of energy is golden & beneficial.

Force is an energy of Goodness that can be divided by polarity.

Magnitude is an energy of Greatness that can be divided by gender.

Potential is an energy of Gentleness that can be divided by intensity.

Ph is a matter of measuring balance, gentleness & potential of magnitude & force.

Pi is a matter of measuring space, greatness & magnitude as a force of potential.

Phi is a matter of measuring goodness, beauty & force with a potential magnitude.

Force/magnitude is a constant potential ~ Ph

Potential/force is a constant magnitude ~ Pi

Potential/magnitude is a constant force ~ Phi

The infinity of a constant force & magnitude allows an infinitely expansive balanced potential.

Life Force Energy

Life is an aspect of Universal Energy.

It is the experience of Love & Light.

Universal Energy has a Light force, which with a magnitude of Love allows the potential for Life.

The force of an energy vibration, relative to its magnitude, determines its potential for life.

Light is a force of Authority that has no Ability without a magnitude of Power.

Reiki is a light force that requires the emotional power of the practitioner to empower its potential for life healing.

It is not the symbols that empower reiki as an energy but the emotional state of being of the healer.

Will power is a life force energy that is not empowered with love.

The less love I have, the more I need to force life.

When I am inspired with the power of love, no will power is necessary.

With a magnitude of love, life has the potential to become effortless.

A magnitude of pure power always accompanies a force of true authority.

Following my true path with authority is the most empowering experience of life.

A Photon Of Light & A Magneton Of Love

A Photon Of Light is an electro-magnetic energy.

It is not just visible light that exists as a photon but the entire electro-magnetic spectrum.

The electro-magnetic spectrum allows a choice of energy frequency.

A choice of frequency allows a thought.

Every photon of Light is a moment of thought in time.

A Magneton of Love is an electro-gravitational energy wave.

It is not just physical matter that has gravity.

All wavelengths of magnetic energy are similarly attractive.

A choice of energy wavelength allows an electro-gravitational spectrum of Love.

A particular choice of wavelength is called an emotion.

A magneton of love is a feeling moment in space.

A photon of Light & a magneton of Love are the frequency & the wavelength of every vibration of Life that is manifest in the form of an electron of matter.

A Magneton

A Magneton is a wavelength of magnitude.

It is the motion of a magneton that determines specific gravity.

Gravity is specific to the magnitude of a magneton.

The specific magnitude of a magneton determines the gravity of its attraction.

Like magnetons unto theirself are drawn.

Magnetons are the quanta of attraction.

Like magnitudes of wavelength are attractive.

Unlike magnetons are non-attractive.

A magneton can be felt to have a wavelength of magnitude or relative density due to its specific gravity.

A photon can be seen to have a frequency of force due to my thought about it.

An electron has a known reality due to the potential of its vibration.