The Meadow

Life is like a meadow that flows through cycles called seasons.

Every spring it ‘springs’ into blossom and reveals its beauty and vibrance.

Every summer the flowers turn to seeds that store the potential for next year’s growth.

Every autumn the grass hibernates and the leaves fall from the trees as the meadow prepares for winter.

Every winter is a period of rest and recuperation, ready for the imminent return of spring, when we shall reap the rewards of what we have sown.

A winter of discontent is always followed by a spring of blossoming joy and a summer of expansive growth and fulfilment.

Autumn and winter are essential for the cycle of continuous growth in nature.

We are a part of nature and a journey, that cycles through the seasons of life, is essential to the personal spiritual growth of our nature.

Our wonderful journey to discover, explore and experience our own nature is interrupted only by the nature of our own beliefs, dramas and emotional needs.

It is Man’s ego that ploughs up a meadow for monetary gain and chops down trees and hedgerows to maximise profit.

Only Man would try to manipulate nature for Man’s own end. Man grows fields of produce for material gain. Only nature grows meadows.