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What The Four States Of Matter Are!

The Four States of Physical Matter are: Solid, Liquid, Gas & Plasma.

The Ancient Greeks referred to them as Earth, Water, Wind & Fire.

These are not the elements that are the basic building blocks of physicality, but the elementary states of those elements of physical matter.

The physical state of matter is relative to the amount of potential energy it holds.

Potential energy is the energy available to be given off as latent heat.

The amount of latent heat that an element holds is inversely proportional to the amount of heat energy that it gives off.

The paradox of the energy of latent heat is that the more an element has available, the less it gives off & the less it has available, the more it gives off.

Matter gives off heat as radiation, conduction or convection.

The more energy of heat that an element gives off, the hotter it appears; irrespective of how much latent heat it holds.

The colder an element appears, the greater the potential of the latent heat within its torus and the denser the structure of its physicality.

The larger the magnitude of the energy torus, the greater the space it encompasses, the colder it feels, the denser it is & the more potential energy of latent heat it holds.

As an element cools, its torus expands and as the torus contracts, the element heats up.

In physicality this is apparent when plasma becomes gaseous, when gas becomes liquified and when liquid freezes & becomes solid.

This is the physical process of material solidification, when the pure energetic flow of the aether becomes manifest as physical reality.

Energy is never destroyed, its torus just changes form relative to the frequency & wavelength of its electro-magnetic vibration within the vortex of the etheric flow.