Daily Archives: November 3, 2017

What Gravity Is!

Gravity is the Law of Attraction acting on physical matter.

It is the spiritual law of attraction that causes the effect of gravity on matter.

Gravity is an effect that is caused by the relative density of matter.

The density of matter is relative to its energy vibration.

Physical vibration is the effect of resistance.

Spiritual vibration is the rate of flow.

The vibration of anything is relative to its energetic frequency & wavelength.

Consciousness has the ability to modulate or regulate its vibration.

Thought changes the frequency of consciousness and emotion changes its wavelength.

This allows a fluid vibration of conscious matter relative to other vibrations of matter.

It allows conscious creatures the freedom of movement that inert matter does not have.

The movement of inert matter is relative to its relative density & specific gravity.

Inert matter is subject to inertia, the more dense an object the more non-attractive & immovable it becomes.

The less dense the matter, the lower its specific gravity and the less inertia it experiences.

From a metaphysical perspective, material density is relative to the force of energetic frequency and its state of attraction or specific gravity is relative to the magnitude of its energetic wavelength.

From this perspective, gravity is a property of like wavelengths of the energy of matter in motion and density is a property of the frequency of the motion of energy in matter.

It is the frequency of a matter’s energy that determines its density, which is a measure of its heaviness or lightness.

It is the wavelength of a matter’s energy that determines the gravity of its specific heat or coldness.

Light & heavy, hot & cold are the physical properties of matter that determine whether like energy unto itself is drawn.