Daily Archives: November 1, 2017

What Ontology Is!

Ontology is the study of Beingness.

Studying who I am being is an ontological experience.

My Beingness is the emotional state of being that I am currently expressing.

The study of my Beingness requires an awareness of emotion.

The study of who other people are being requires a sensitivity to their emotions.

An emotion is an expression of who I am being.

My emotional state of being defines my Beingness.

My Beingness is an expression of my Essence.

My essence is the state of being that defines who I really am.

My Beingness is a subjective expression of my objective existence.

Existing as a human being is not my objective in life.

Defining my Beingness is ontology in action.

The essence of my Beingness is the subject of my life.

Ontology is the adjective study of emotionality.

Emotionality is the reality of personal emotional states of being.

A state of being exists in the moment that I express it.

Whereas Psychology is the study of the thought that creates the experience, ontology is the study of the emotion on which every thought is transmitted & received.

Ontology is the study of how I feel about a particular experience.

As feelings are a personal experience, ontology is a personal study of one’s own emotional experiences.

Ontology is the pursuit of the answer to the question: Who Am I?

When I know who I am, I am Onto my Soul’s Logia!