“New Koans”

A Koan is a paradoxical question posed to a student as a subject for meditation, intended to help the student break free of reason and develop intuition in order to achieve enlightenment.

New Koans for 2016

“Is a rite a right”

“How can I sub-consciously lose an unconscious competence”

“Why does what I wear out, wear out”

“Can I tirelessly fight tiredness”

New Koans for 2015

“Under what conditions is unconditional giving conditional?”

“Is the need to not need a need?”

“How can I not care (be care-free) without being uncaring?”

“Is my make up made up?”

“Which came first: The creator or the creation?”

“Is my personality personal to me?”

New Koans for 2014:

“Why is  formality not always a formality?”

“Why is normality seldom normal?”

“Why has ethicality become unethical?”

“Why is intuition counter-intuitive?”

“How can I survive without ever being in danger?”

“How can I surrender without ever being defeated?”

“What is an empty mirror full of?”

“When I go within, what do I go without?”

“Why do I need to go backwards in order to go forwards?”

“Is it better to receive what is acceptable or to accept what is receivable?”

“How can I feel what I can’t feel?”

“How do I know what I can’t know?”

“How can I see what I don’t see?”

“How can I hear what I’m not listening to?”

“How can I have a thought without thinking it’s a thought?”

“How can I not care without being uncaring?”

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