“The Inner Coach”

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Energy Coaching

Energy Coaching guides & supports our connection to the vital energy of life.

The vital energy of life is called Love & Light.

Love is the power to be well & Light is the authority to be happy.

Being well happy is an ability of life when we are awake, alert, aware & alive to the vital energy of Life.

The energy of Life flows through everything when it is free from blockage.

Unblocking our mental & emotional dramas allows the energy of life to flow effortlessly through us.

Energy Coaching facilitates an effortless connection to the energetic flow of Life that is governed by the Law of Attraction.

How the Law of Attraction is working in our own personal life is revealed through energy coaching.

Choice is the energy of Consciousness.

Energy Coaching connects exclusively to the conscious choices that allow individual opportunities to flow effortlessly into life.

It allows life to be lived on purpose, without leaving anything to chance.

Becoming awake, alert, aware & alive to a continuous flow of opportunities in life is guided & supported by the sensitive detachment & emotional intelligence of the Energy Coach.

Tweets From My Inner Coach

Three Personal Questions

1. Do I have choice?

2. Does my choice of perspective create my reality?

3. Do I take responsibility for what I have currently chosen as my reality?

If the answer is yes to all three questions you have the capacity to be coached.

With your capacity to be coached and my competence to coach you, we have the capability to succeed in your personal development.

If you are presently lost, confused or frustrated with your current reality, Life Coaching will give you the direction, the clarity & the presence to follow your own destined path.

Coaching connects you with your personal choice to follow your unique path to create your exclusive reality that aligns with your individual vision, mission & purpose for your life.

Living your destiny in alignment with your true values & creating your ideal life is your potential for your personal coaching success.

Energy Coaching is driven by you because it is all about you!

The Metaphysical Nature of Consciousness

Success Coaching

Managers give you tasks & objectives to achieve.

Trainers give you skills & roles to accomplish.

Coaches give you attributes & qualities to attain.

The quality of the attributes that you attain is a measure of your personal competence & your capacity to use it.

An attribute is an emotional state of being that is attributable to your Self.

An attainment is an attribute that can be consciously chosen at will.

A quality is an attainment that has integrity.

When a state of being is undivided by either gender or polarity, it has integrity.

Coaching success is measured as the personal integrity of your achievements, accomplishments & attainments.

The quality of personal success is relative to the attainment of emotional attributes that ensure your personal integrity.

Attributes that are natural, prime, divine  & spiritual are all in personal integrity.

How To Be Attractive

Natural Attainments:

  • The Happiness of Joy, Fulfilment & Contentment
  • The Wellbeing of Health, Wealth & Wisdom
  • The Growth of Kindliness, Gentleness & Grace

Divine Attainments:

  • The Validity of Approval, Allowance & Acceptance
  • The Vitality of Awareness, Alertness & Awakeness
  • The Aliveness of Clarity, Direction & Presence

Prime Attainments:

  • The Integrity of Equanimity, Equability & Equality
  • The Authenticity of Credibility, Empathy & Honesty
  • The Humility of Compassion, Transparency & Accountability

Spiritual Qualities:

  • An Exclusive Connection to Source
  • A Sensitive Detachment with Others
  • One’s Emotional Rationale with Self
  • The Power, Authority & Ability to live Life Well.

Being Human

Life Coaching Compatibility Index

Level 1

I am unaware of my incompetence.
Life happens to me.
I am doomed to fail.
My life is in chaos.

Level 2

I am aware of my incompetence.
Life happens by me.
I tolerate my fate.
My life is full of problems.

Level 3

I am conscious of my competence.
Life happens through me.
I cause my own effect.
My life is very challenging.

Level 4

My competence is unconscious
Life happens as me.
I am fulfilling my own destiny.
Life flows with effortless opportunities.
I am my own Life Coach