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Capacity & Competence

Mental Capacity is my authority to choose.

Emotional Competence is my power to choose.

Physical Capability requires both capacity & competence.

Capacity & competence can be either conscious or unconscious.

Unconscious competence is the capacity of my Spiritual Soul.

Conscious competence is the capacity of my Physical Self.

My incapacity is either conscious or unconscious incompetence.

My Soul has no incapacity or incompetence as it is fully authorised & empowered, being both omniscient & omnipotent.

Inspired revelations from my Soul to my Self are the conscious capacity of my unconscious emotional competence.

With enough emotional competence, I don’t have to think, I have the capacity for inspired action.

My imagination is my unconscious mental capacity that requires my conscious emotional competence to manifest as a conscious reality.

I always have the authority to choose whatever I have the power to manifest.

My Soul resides in my imagination until I have the conscious capacity to bring my unconscious competence to life.


I Receive whatever I am given.

Unless that is, I refuse it.

I refuse what I believe is of no value to me when I consider it to be rubbish.

Everything that is given is not always gratefully received.

Many things that I receive are a toleration.

Tolerations are a problem.

In my unawareness of my opportunities in life, I receive many problems & challenges.

Life is a continuous stream of opportunities


A Meme

A Meme is a fundamental unit of cultural meaning.

It is a cultural belief that defines that particular culture.

It may be a generally held belief, a matter of public opinion, or a hard and fast conviction.

I define the meaning of a culture with a meme.

Without meaning or purpose, a culture has no culture and no foundation for truth.

Memes evolve with time.

As a culture matures and grows, it changes its standards and the beliefs that underpin those standards.

The beliefs that form the foundation of a society’s culture are the memes on which it is founded.

The foundation of any society are the memes that form its cultural belief system.

A meme is created when a society as a whole shares the same belief.

A meme is a belief that a society believes to be true.

Wishful Thinking

Wishful Thinking is driven by my belief that my present reality is not perfect.

My thinking is wishful when I believe that I do not have whatever I wish for.

It is a statement that I desire a different reality to the one that I am experiencing.

I wish that things would be other than they are appearing to be.

I wish for whatever I believe that I am incapable of providing for my Self.

Yet my Soul has no wish to interfere.

My present reality is a creation of my Soul.

It has no wish for it to be any other way right now.

It does not wish for a different reality.

It can choose a different reality as and when it chooses with the co-operation of my Self.

It chooses only for my Self to be in gratitude, appreciation and wonder for what already is.

It chooses wonderful thinking not wishful thinking.

Hierarchy or Holarchy

A Hierarchy measures the height of a man’s status or esteem.

The top of a hierarchy denotes the esteem of the highest status of an Individual.

A hierarchy is imposed and perpetuated by the will of those at the top of the hierarchy.

It is built with pride, hubris, bigotry & avarice.

It is founded on the belief that those with apparent power have authority over others, and therefore, those in authority have power over others.

A Holarchy describes the depths of Man’s existence.

It is an order of increasing wholeness, holiness or holism.

It describes the level of a person’s awareness of their environment.

Each level of holarchy is a level of awareness determined by its own holon.

A holarchy is a natural universal constant.

The development of a new holon within an existing holarchy is the evolution of an expanding universe in action.


Cultivation is the growth of a culture.

Crops are cultivated in the culture of their farmer.

Children are cultivated into the culture of their parents.

Adults are cultivated into the culture of their society.

Followers are cultivated into the culture of their religion.

An unacceptable religion with an unorthodox leader is said to be a cult.

The culture of a cult is cultivated by its leader.

Culture changes through growth.

Cultivation is confused with civilisation.

Just because a culture grows doesn’t necessarily mean that it becomes more civilised.

Being more cultured is not the same as being more civilised.

A culture that has more civilian followers is more civilised but not necessarily more cultural.

The civility of a civilisation can often stunt the cultivation of its culture.



Victims of Scarcity

Victims of Scarcity do not have enough.

99% of the population of the world do not have enough of something.

80% of the world lives in poverty.

20% live in luxury.

Less than 1% have found the balance.

I cannot be a victim of scarcity and live in abundance.

I cannot be a victim of extravagance and live in abundance.

Most people rely on other people for their emotional power.

A high percentage are victims of other people needing their emotional energy.

Some are victims of other people taking their energy forcibly.

Most people in the modern world are short of both time and space.

They are victims of their obsessive life style and the pace of modern life.

The majority of the world’s nations are in debt due to a perceived scarcity of money.

Even the well-off believe that they do not have enough money and are constantly pursuing more and more.

Half the world suffers from the symptoms of low self esteem.

The other half have become victims of their own arrogance and self-importance.

Scarcity is pandemic in the modern capitalist world and was even more so in a communist society.

Victims of scarcity are victims of their own beliefs and perceptions.