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The Intensity Of Thinking

My Soul transmits pure thought frequencies to its Self.

Pure frequencies of thought are transmitted on pure wavelengths of emotion called Love.

My sub-conscious Id receives pure thought & transmits personal thinking.

My personal thinking is filtered through my personal programmes called memories.

It is then passed to my conscious ego as an opinion, a belief or a conviction, determined by the intensity of my mental programming. 

The character of the thinker determines how the frequency of thought is divided by positive or negative polarity.

The personality of the thinker determines how the wavelengths of emotion are divided by male or female gender.

The extent of the division of the polarity & the gender of my thinking determines its intensity.

The intensity of my thinking determines the inclination of both my perception & my perspective in life.

We are all inclined to think this or inclined to think that relative to our beliefs about whatever is occurring.

My Soul has no individual perspective, perception or inclination; it leaves that to my conscious Self to choose.

Thought & Thinking

Thinking is the processing of stored data by the sub-conscious mind.

Thought is the creative imagination of the super-conscious mind proceeding through the conscious mind.

Thinking is my id in communication with my ego.

Thought is my Soul entity in communication with my ego Self.

Thought is both authorised & empowered, which enables effortless action.

Thinking is allowed but not always aligned.

Misaligned thinking due to false beliefs & fears is disempowering & mentally draining.

Mental capacity is degraded by emotional incompetence.

Inspired Thoughts are always empowered.

Thinking is used to find a solution to a challenging problem.

Inspired Thoughts always offer an opportunity.

If I think that it is a thought then it isn’t.

When I know it’s a thought then it always is.



An Original Thought

An Original Thought does not originate from physical experience.

Thinking is never original, it’s just a new way of looking at an old problem.

Original thought originates from my origin.

My origin is my super-conscious entity that is my Soul.

My super-conscious thought is original.

Original thought is new to my Self.

It is a present perspective of my Soul.

It is a super-conscious perspective presented to my Self in the present moment as an inspired gift.

I am inspired when I receive the gift of original thought.

An original thought is always empowered with inspiration.

It is an insight that comes with an intuitive sense of seeing a new perspective of life.

Without original thought, nothing would change, nothing would develop, and nothing would grow.

Mind-Free & Thought-Free

Mind-Free & Thought-Free are not the same.

Mind-free is an oxymoron as I cannot be free of my mind.

However, my mind can be free of my limiting beliefs and fearful programming.

A free mind is limitless & boundless.

It is unencumbered by past memories and future expectations.

It resides purely in each present moment and is free to receive and accept any opportunity that each moment brings.

It sees only the miracles of life.

My free mind accepts whatever is occurring as a gift and is open to allowing my destiny to unfold.

Thought-free means that I am disconnected from my inspired revelations that are empowered by my intuitive inner guidance.

I am a prisoner and a victim of my sub-conscious programming and beliefs.

A thought-free mind tolerates and endures whatever turns up and is doomed to experience its fate.

When I do not have a thought, I allow other people’s thinking and beliefs to determine my reality.

I choose to become thoughtless, then thoughtful, with a free mind.



Mindless & Thoughtless

Mindless & Thoughtless are not the same.

Mindless is a lack of rational thinking.

It is irrational behaviour.

It is without care, planning or logical thinking.

Mindless behaviour is a sign of being lost confused & frustrated.

It is my ego’s inability to clarify its will.

Thoughtless is a quieter mind.

A quieter mind has less thinking thoughts.

With less processed thinking, my thoughts become clearer.

With less thinking, I have less confusion, more clarity and greater direction.

Greater clarity & direction means less frustration.

Thoughtlessness is acquired through meditation and deeper reflection.

Mindfulness is the result of consideration and shallow thinking.



Mindful & Thoughtful

Mindful & Thoughtful are not the same.

Being Mindful is when my thinking is most active.

It is being careful to process all the options stored in my sub-conscious mind.

My sub-conscious mind is full of all my stored programmes, beliefs and memories.

I am mindful when I carefully consider all my options.

The more full of options my mind becomes, the more mindful I am.

Being Thoughtful allows my thoughts to flow freely.

My thoughts are the inspired revelations of my empowered messages that direct my destiny.

When full of thought, I have clarity and direction on my life path.

My thoughtfulness requires a quiet mind that is full of faith.

My thoughtful faith is my confidently empowered, intuitive inner guidance.

My mindful trust is dependent on the power of my ego’s will.



Polarised Thinking

My thinking is polarised by my beliefs.

The polarity of a thought is determined by a belief.

As a thought passes through my belief system, it becomes polarised to my particular perspective.

My belief system determines whether a thought is polarised as positive or negative.

I believe that a positive thought is good and I want it to manifest.

I believe that a negative thought is bad and I do not want it to manifest.

Polarity has no influence with the Law of Attraction.

My thoughts manifest as my reality irrespective of how my thinking is polarised.

The polarity of my thinking creates my shadow.

The polarity of a pair of lenses, that deflect or resist light, creates a shadow that I can use as sunglasses.

It is polarised thinking that named them sunglasses, instead of shadow glasses that shade me from sunlight.

I can choose to live in the light or live in my shadow.

Polarised thinking has many shades of grey.