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The Veil

The Veil is the invisible curtain that divides the physical world from the realms of spirit.

Lifting the veil both requires & reveals an awareness of the spiritual world of energy.

The veil creates an unawareness of our spiritual reality.

When completely lost in the reality of the physical world, the veil becomes a brick wall that blocks our ability to see our true path.

It can be seen as a raging torrent that is too dangerous to cross.

Or a deep ravine whose walls are impossible to climb.

The veil is a creation of our own personal perspective based on our individual beliefs about existence.

The reality of the veil is relative to our own perspective of life.

When I believe that the veil does not exist, it cannot be lifted.

A Spiritual Being

Rational Logic says that I am a physical human being experiencing a physical experience called life.

Emotional Rationale says that I am a rational human being having emotional experiences in life.

Spiritual Logic says I am a Spiritual Being having a human experience called a life, in a physical world.

Any other experience of life is said to be irrational unemotional or illogical.

I am always free to choose whether my experience of life is physical or spiritual, emotional, rational or logical or unemotional, illogical & irrational.

A Spiritual Being is aware of their spiritual reality, their spirituality.

The reality of being spiritual is a triality, or triune reality, of physical, mental & emotional energy.

Spirit means energy.

Spirituality or being spiritual in reality is the reality of an Energetic Being.

The purpose of Life is for a spiritual Being to experience, in all its glory, the essence of their Beingness in a physical, mental & emotional way.

One Plus One Equals Three

Mathematics tells us that One Plus One Equals Two.

In a dual reality world there is always a choice between this one & that one.

When I have this one & that one I have two.

In a triune reality world, there is always a choice between this one, that one & another one.

One plus one plus one equals three in mathematics.

One plus One is the third way in spiritual reality.

Sensitivity is one way, detachment is another way & sensitive-detachment is a third way.

One plus one equals three.

Compassion is one way, empathy is another way & compassionate-empathy is the third way.

Male energy plus female energy is pure energy in harmony.

Pure undivided energy is always the third way.

Impure wavelengths of emotion are divided by male & female gender to allow choice.

The vibration of harmony is balanced male & female energy.

The vibration of neutrality is balanced positive & negative thought.

The ability of choice is enabled by the power & authority of the word.

A Sovereign Entity

A Sovereign Entity has choice.

It is choice that makes an entity Sovereign.

Sovereignty allows choice.

My ability to choose is my sovereignty.

A sovereign entity follows their own lead.

When a Self follows its Soul’s lead, it is a sovereign entity.

Choice is the authority to create and the authority of a creator.

A sovereign entity has creative authority.

Sovereign authority allows sovereign power.

A sovereign entity is enabled by its authorised power.

A sovereign entity is a Golden Ruler.

As a soverign entity, I lead my life following the golden rule.

Doing unto all others as I would have all others do unto me is how I utilise the law of attraction intentionally and effectively.

As a Sovereign Entity I am aligned with all other Entities who are expressing their own Sovereignty.

Soul Ascency

Soul Ascency is Higher Vision.

It is a divine perspective of life.

With my higher perspective, I see my divine vision for my life.

Soul Ascency allows human decency.

Human decency is being beneficially grounded on earth in physical reality.

It is beneficially managing my descent into physical form.

The descent into physical form allows the ascent of the Soul.

Soul Ascency is how the Soul sees its Self developing & growing.

It allows the Soul to see a higher vision & a better version of its Self.

Through the personal development of its Self, the Soul attains Ascency.

Ascency allows the state of being ascended.

Ascension requires a higher perspective of reality to be realised in physical form.

It is the decent thing to do.


Landed is the state of being physically present on Earth.

It is a state of being neutrally balanced in gravity.

It is when air pressure holds you down and water pressure buoys you up.

It is the state of the conscious mind when present in the physical world.

When consciously physically present, I am landed.

When consciously mentally absent, I am astrally flying or mentally travelling in space & time.

My mind can fly into many possible realms of reality.

I mentally fly at a frequency of upto 15 cycles per second.

My mind lands in physical reality at a frequency between 16-31 Hz.

As an unawakened physical self, I considered myself to have landed at birth and remained permanently grounded.

To be beneficially spiritually alive requires me to be earthed & gounded as well as landed.

A Revelation

A Revelation reveals the direction of my Life Path.

It is an intuition, an epiphany or an ah! ha! moment that shows me the Way.

A revelation is a message from my Soul.

My Soul reveals its path to its Self intuitively.

When my Self gets the message, it is a revelation.

I intuitively see the answer to my question.

Revelations are how the Soul reveals itself to its Self.

A revelation is divine because following my path is always beneficial for me.

Receiving my messages leads to an effortless life.

The only resistance that I encounter on my journey is of my own making.

Revelations of inspired authority are emotionally empowered.

Everything that I need to know is present and presented as a revelation as my path unfolds in front of me.

That’s a Revelation.