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Spiritual Growth

Spiritual Growth is the process of changing my perspective from that of my ego Self to that of my Soul.

It is changing the beliefs of my self to the Truth of my Soul by challenging my limiting beliefs.

It is changing the emotions of my self to the attributes and attainments of my Soul by becoming emotionally intelligent.

It is meeting the emotional needs of my self by connecting with sensitive detachment to the power of my Soul.

It is allowing my Soul to deliver my providence with gratitude, appreciation & acceptance without enduring any  tolerations or being challenged as my self.

It is overcoming the pain, fear & problems of my self by exclusively connecting to the power, authority & ability of my Soul.

It is changing the perception of my self-worth to the True Value of my Soul’s Purpose.

It is changing the aims, goals, & intentions of my ego self into alignment with the Vision of my Soul.

It is changing the commitment, determination & dedication of my ego’s will power to the empowered inspiration of my Soul’s Mission for my life.


Growing Up

Growing is not a duality.

I never grow down, always up.

Growth is absolute.

All growth is towards the Light.

In absolute reality, everything is continuously growing towards infinity, for eternity.

My growth is both expansive & contractual! But never contractive.

I have a contract with my Soul to expand & grow.

The spiritual growth of my Soul is ever expansive.

My Soul has a contract with my Self to fulfil an expansive life.

My experience of life is always growing. Whether I believe that I have fulfilled the contract or not is just a matter of my perspective.

As I grow up, my Soul expands through the experience of my Self, with or without my conscious awareness of my inner contract.



SOUL is an acronym for Self Organising Unsupervised Learning.

My Soul is a Sovereign Entity.

A Sovereign Entity is both Teacher & Student, Master & Apprentice, Experiencer & Observer.

My Soul expands, develops & grows through the learning experience of my Self.

The purpose of my Self is to undergo the experience of Life.

The Soul learns through the life experiences of its Self.

Life is self organising.

That means that life is organised purely by the Soul and primarily for the experience of the Self.

My Self always experiences choice, which makes the experience of life unsupervised.

The Super-vision of my Soul is available to my Self, which is not the same as my Self being supervised by my Soul.

Unsupervised learning allows my Self to learn by its mistakes and organise its life accordingly.

Disconnected from its SOUL, the Self may default to supervised teaching organised by others.


Providence is my Soul’s provision for my Self.

My Soul provides every opportunity for my Self.

All I have to do is to allow Providence to provide everything that is necessary for the experience of my journey.

Providence never provides anything that is unnecessary for my journey.

When my Self chooses a separate path to my Soul, I become disconnected from my Soul and I will have to provide for myself.

Providing for myself always seems to require money.

My Selfishness will always create a lack of Provision.

Providence always provides everything when I am on track.

When money is scarce, I am off track and my chosen path is therefore unnecessary to the growth of my Soul.

When experiencing a shortage of money, I have the opportunity to experience my disconnection from Providence and to re-evaluate my belief system.

It is in my continued disconnection from my Providence that I will eventually realise my disconnection from what is already provided.

Connecting to my Providence simply requires the gratitude & appreciation of what is already provided.


A Free Spirit

A Free Spirit has no attachments to physical life.

My Spirit is free.

The question is: “Am I as free as my spirit”?

Am I free to follow my spirit?

Or, is my body enslaved to the rituals, habits, obsessions, addictions and attachments of earthly life?

Earthly life is a programme that is learned from our birth into a physical existence.

Can I be free and operate to a programme?

Whilst my mind and body are enslaved, my spirit is not free.

My Soul becomes free when my Self overcomes being a slave to my programming.

A Self that is a slave to the mastery of its Soul will also be confined by the duality of the master & slave.

Overcoming duality is the only way to free my spirit.

High & Low Spirits

High & Low Spirits are not the same as high and low emotional energy.

My spirits are high or low depending on the frequency and wavelength of my emotional state of being.

My emotional energy is high when the intensity (frequency x wavelength) of my energy vibration is balanced.

High spirits and low spirits both result in low emotional energy.

With low spirits, I am driven to get my emotional needs met in order to raise my emotional energy.

Low spirits is the feeling of being disconnected from my True Source of Emotional Energy, my Soul.

High spirits is a description of having too high an intensity of emotional energy.

It is the inability to process or channel my life-force energy efficiently and effectively.

A high intensity of emotional energy is only beneficial to one who is able to experience it in a beneficial way.

A balanced individual has no need of either high or low spirits.

It is balanced energy that is most beneficial to our Self.

Unless the wattage of electricity is correctly balanced with the voltage it cannot realise its potential (amps) and will overload the circuit and blow a fuse.

Life-force energy works in a similar way. Low spirits don’t empower us to work and high spirits eventually wear us to a frazzle.

When I am balanced and grounded (earthed), I am in harmony and synchronicity with the True Spirit of my Self.

It is my attachment to other peoples’ high and low spirits that disturbs my peace and disconnects my balance and harmony.

High emotional energy is attained by overcoming the duality of high & low spirits.

Metaphorical Spirit

A metaphor is a figure of speech.

Metaphor means to transfer or to carry across.

A metaphor uses a word without its literal meaning.

Having ‘high or low spirits’ is a metaphor when spirits are deemed not to be real.

Spirit has several definitions:

  • A supernatural being
  • A ghost of the dead
  • The essence of a human
  • The Soul
  • Enthusiasm
  • An alcoholic beverage
  • Emotional Energy

It is interesting that we currently have seven dictionary definitions for something that allegedly doesn’t exist.

Yet emotional energy does exist and when it is depleted I experience low spirits and when it is flowing freely I experience high spirits.

So are high spirits and low spirits a metaphor or just the description of the intensity of my emotional energy and how well I am connected to the source of my power?

Is that Source of Powerful Energy and Enthusiasm, my Soul, the Supernatural state of Being that is the essence of every Human Being, that is eternal and never dies?

Or does my Metaphorical Spirit come in a bottle?