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Diligence is a standard of achievement.

It is my standard for achieving other people’s objectives.

I am being diligent when I am doing things for other people well.

Due diligence is a tax & a duty.

It is a duty that is owed or due that is taxing when paid.

I follow the path of another with diligence.

Being diligent is the attribute of a disciple.

Being slothful is failing to follow my own path.

Beng lazy is failing to follow someone else’s direction or do what they want.

Being idle is failing to conform to someone else’s bidding fast enough.

Being slovenly is failing to do something to someone else’s standard.

When I follow my own path and attain my own fulfilment, life is effortless.

Life flows effortlessly well when I am on my own path.

The Gender & Polarity of Sin

Pride is neither good nor bad Hubris.

It has a gender opposite of Humility and a polar opposite of Shame.

Envy is neither positive nor negative Covetousness.

It has an opposing gender of Kindness and an opposing polarity of Jealousy.

Gluttony is neither good nor bad Avarice.

It has a gender opposite of Prudence and a polar opposite of Scarcity.

Lust is neither right nor wrong Cupidity.

It has an opposing gender of Love and an opposing polarity of Need, being an intense need for love.

Greed is neither good nor bad Rapacity.

It has a gender opposite of Pleasing and a polarity opposite of Appeasing, being intense displeasing.

Anger is neither right nor wrong Wrath.

It has a gender opposite of Meekness and a polar opposite of Patience, being intense impatience.

Sloth is neither positive nor negative Idolatry.

It has a gender opposite of Diligence and a polar opposite of Hard Work, being intense Laziness.

The Sin of Arrogance

Sin means ‘being without’.

Arrogance is the state of being without my own true power, authority & ability.

Without a connection to my own true power, I default to the arrogance of my avarice or greed.

Being greedy attaches me to the emotional power of those who are humble to my needs, and please me.

Without a connection to my own true authority, I default to the arrogance of my anger or wrath.

Being angry allows me authority over the humble who are meek & patient.

Without a connection to my own true ability, I default to the arrogance of my hubris or pride.

Being proud allows my ability to appear better than those with humility, who have the humbleness of modesty.

The Sin of Arrogance is a state of being without the worth of my true power, the confidence of my true authority, and the esteem of my true ability.

I will never find the confidence & value of my true esteem by virtue of being humble to the arrogance of another.

Pleasures of the Flesh

Pleasures of the Flesh are determined by the Universal Church to be sinful & immoral.

To envy the power, authority and ability of the church hierarchy is deemed to be sinful.

To give alms to the poor with kindness and to tithe to the church with generosity are both deemed to be virtuous.

To crave the gluttony and excess of the riches of the church is deemed sinful.

To tolerate and endure the scarcity and poverty of not having enough is deemed to be a virtue.

To lust after our every desire with a passion is deemed by the church to be sinful.

To express chastity and experience abstinence is deemed to be virtuous and chaste.

To be slothful and not work hard for the benefit of the church is deemed to be lazy, idle & sinful.

To be diligent, dutiful & hard-working is to be of great benefit & virtue to the expansion of the church and the greater power & authority of its hierarchy.

To experience the virtuous Pleasures of the Spirit requires, according to the Universal Church, the  additional humbleness of humility, pleasing, meekness, patience, & unselfishness.

Only with the appeasement of the church’s patriarchal & sanctimonious morality and self-righteousness is it at all possible to be canonised as a saint.

The rest of us mere mortals will remain eternal sinners indulging in the pleasure of the flesh.



The Seven Deadly Sins

The Seven Deadly Sins are:

  1. Pride – known as Hubris  – is an over-attachment to the needs and the beliefs of one’s physical ego self.
  2. Envy – known as Jealousy – is wanting what other people have as an expression of ingratitude for what we already have our self.
  3. Gluttony – known as Extravagance – is the pursuit and indulgence of wanting or having too much of anything.
  4. Lust – Known as Craving – is the excessive desire and wanting for what I  believe that I do not have.
  5. Greed – known as Avarice – is the passion to be better, more superior and more powerful than another.
  6. Wrath – known as Anger – is the belief in one’s own righteousness and choice irrespective of its potential to be detrimental to another.
  7. Sloth – known as Laziness – is the inability to follow one’s own path, make one’s own choices and take appropriate action.

All 7 deadly sins are an expression of the negative male aspects of our own emotional energy.

The opposing negative female aspects of our emotional energy are referred to by the church as virtues and seen as being saintly.

We are all a combination of saint & sinner as determined by the sin or virtue of our emotional energy.


Hubris, Avarice & Bigotry

Hubris is good old-fashioned pride.

Except, modern society does not judge hubris to be good now.

Today, pride is seen to be good and encouraged while hubris is seen to be bad and discouraged.

The badness of my hubris allows my pride to be good.

Avarice is good old-fashioned greed.

Except, greed has never been seen as acceptable in any society.

Today, avarice is seen as the pursuit of riches and is encouraged, whilst greed is seen as wanting too much and is not.

Greed has become confused with gluttony and wealth has no distinction from riches.

Bigotry is good old-fashioned arrogance.

Except, neither bigotry nor arrogance are seen as good in any society.

Today, self-confidence is seen as good, arrogance as bad and bigotry as worse.

Hubris is a false sense of having authority over others, whilst pride is the ego’s false sense of its own authority.

Avarice is the pursuit of a false sense of wealth, whilst greed is the desire to be better than others by being wealthier.

Bigotry is a false belief in one’s own ability, as is arrogance.

Hubris, Avarice & Bigotry are all the result of a disconnection from our source of power & authority that allows the true ability of our confidence, worth & esteem.



The Battle of Good & Evil

The Battle of Good & Evil between god and the devil is waged in many religions.

Good & evil or good and bad, seen as right or wrong, is a duality of positive and negative perspectives.

A positive perspective always sees the good whereas a negative perspective sees all that is bad or evil.

Everything in dual reality has a polarity, which allows it to have both a positive and a negative aspect.

Whatever has a polarity also has a gender, which allows it to be either a male or a female perspective.

Everything that is relative to this world exists in an energetic state of being male+positive; male-negative; female+positive; or female-negative.

Religion only appears to see the light and darkness of polarity and fails to see its gender.

The paradox of the 3 western religions is that they all produce a male dominated society that values positive female energy.

The female virtues of humility, poverty, kindness, caring, humbleness, meekness and patience are seen to be good whilst declaring the male sins of pride, envy, gluttony, lust, greed, wrath, and sloth to be evil, wrong and bad.

Sins are seen as the evil curses of the devil, whilst virtues have become a gracious blessing of god.

The battle between good and evil will be fought wherever there are people with conflicting perspectives who make personal judgments concerning what they consider to be right or wrong for other people.