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Saint Or Mother

A Saint is the opposing role to a Sinner.

In the eyes of the church, a Sinner is someone adjudged to do wrong.

A Saint is someone who does good deeds for others.

The Christian religion defines good deeds as virtues & bad deeds as sins.

Saints are virtuous & good, Sinners are sinful & bad.

Spirituality sees sins as male energy & virtues as female energy.

There is no judgment in spiritual reality only in religiosity.

The female virtues of humbleness, humility, kindness, caring, pleasing, poverty & duty are all the virtues of a True Mother.

Sins are the male energy of an assertive leader or Father.

Virtues are the female energy of a nurturing Mother or follower.

As female virtues are seen to be good, they are also the qualities attributed to a Saint.

The Christian distinction between a Mother & a canonised Saint is that a Saint is required to have performed two proven miracles to be awarded that qualification.

A Mother just has to give birth to children.

The exception to the rule is Mother Theresa who is a Saint & a Mother without ever giving birth to her own children.




Mega is high or intense.

A highly intense mania is caused by an addiction to low energy.

Low emotional energy is a low mania & the need for emotional energy.

A highly intense need or addiction for high emotional energy is a mania.

Being deprived of emotional energy to the extreme causes a maniac with a mania.

Low emotional energy causes a mania for high emotional energy.

The purpose of life is not to live at the extremes but to find the balance.

It is the balance that realises one’s potential, not the intensity.

Megalomaniacs have intensely polarised & opposing emotional energies & emotional needs.

The need for emotional power manifests as the need to be rich, influential & in control of others.

The need to be grandiose, superior & better than others is reflected in the avarice, bigotry, hubris & arrogance of the megalomaniac.

The Assertive & The Submissive

The Asserive asserts their authority.

The Submissive submits to another’s authority.

The Assertive believes their beliefs to be right.

The Submissive tolerates the Assertive’s beliefs.

The Assertive is arrogant.

The Submissive is humble.

The Assertive believes they have a superior authority.

The Submissive believes their authority is inferior.

Both the Assertive & the Submissive share the view that there is only one reality.

They share the view that only one reality can be true.

The Assertive asserts their version of the truth.

The Submissive tolerates another’s version of the truth.

The Assertive needs to be right.

The Submissive needs a quiet life.

Being submissive fails to avoid conflict.

Being assertive always causes conflict.

An Appraisor

An Appraisor appraises personal attributes, attainments & qualities.

The quality of a personal attribute attained is appraised by an Appraisor.

Appraising is a coaching skill.

An appraisal  identifies the quality of attributes attained relative to the quality of attributes aspired to.

An Appraiser values property & belongings to assess their worth.

An Appraisor assesses personal mental worth & personal emotional wealth.

A personal appraisal identifies emotional competence & mental capacity.

Self-confidence, self-worth & self-esteem are all subject to appraisal.

An appraisal evaluates what is good, what is better & what is best for each Individual.

It is a spiritual assessment of the authority of personal faith & the value of personal power.

The Evangelical Evangelist

Evangelical is the state of being an evangelist.

It is a role that I play not an attribute that I attain.

I am a self professed bringer of good news when I play the role of an evangelist.

I spread a gospel as an evangelical evangelist.

I spread the good word as a do gooder doing good.

The Disciples of Jesus became evangelists.

The Witnesses of Jehovah are evangelists.

Paul became a saint and an evangelist.

Jesus was a Messiah not an evangelist.

A Messiah has a Divine Message for Mankind.

A divine message is always good news.

Preaching someone else’s gospel is not always good news.

An Angel is a spiritual guardian or guide.

Angels act on a personal & individual level.

A Messiah works with a race or a nation on a global level.

Both a Messiah & an Angel are divinely guided.

An evangelical evangelist follows their own calling or creed.

The Neutral Observer

The Neutral Observer is sensitively detached from the dramas of a relative dual reality world.

The Neutral Observer is neither:

  • The Pacifist nor the Warmonger
  • The Terrorist nor the Freedom Fighter
  • The Victim nor the Villain
  • The Master nor the Slave
  • The Intimidator nor the Poor Me
  • The Interrogator nor the Aloof
  • The Beauty nor the Beast
  • A Good Samaritan nor a Bad Samaritan
  • St. George nor the Dragon

The Neutral Observer always:

  • Responds in a balanced & harmonious way
  • Allows all others to follow their own path
  • Knows that all others have their own unique path to follow
  • Follows their own path without resistance to others
  • Knows their own path is beneficial & flows effortlessly through them
  • Creates their own reality that is never detrimental to another
  • Accepts whatever turns up as an opportunity for personal growth
  • Is in this world but not of this world
  • Treats the playground as a place where all games are acceptable

The Neutral Observer is neither a Competitor nor a Spectator.

A Peer

A Peer is one who peers.

To peer is to look, gaze, scan, scrutinise, examine, inspect, spy or pry.

It is the role of an overseer.

The role of the overseer is the Lord & Master.

Traditionally the Aristocracy assumed the titles of Peer, Overseer, Lord & Master.

Becoming a Peer was the height of aristocratic hubris, bigotry, avarice & arrogance.

Peers are proud & superior and only humble to Royalty.

To become their peer is to equal their title or status.

My peers are those equal in title or status to myself.

As I have no title or status my only Peer is my Soul.

My Soul is my Overseer, my Lord & my Master.

My Soul has no Peer.

All peers are equal as we all share the same Soul.

From my perspective we all appear equal.