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An Inter-developmental Relationship

The purpose of an Inter-developmental Relationship is personal development & growth.

It is to facilitate the development of each partner in a relationship.

It is mutually beneficial for each party in that relationship.

Partnerships are particularly beneficial for personal development.

My personal development partner is ideal when they are expressing the lessons that I need to learn.

They act as a mirror for me to see what I cannot see in my self.

They are a role model for my chosen path of change.

By the Law of Attraction I always choose an ideal inter-developmental partner.

My ideal partner always offers me unlimited opportunities for growth.

Inter-developmental partnerships have no need of a contract.

They are aligned with the Soul’s Covenant to facilitate expansive self-development & spiritual growth.

An Interdependent Relationship

When a co-dependent relationship is no longer providing everything that is needed, it often evolves to become interdependent.

Interdependent Relationships often have a group dynamic.

Groups relate in an interdependent way.

This is why adults join clubs & associations.

They need a sense of belonging to a group that provides what they need physically, mentally or emotionally.

It may be the physical activity of a Sports Club, the mental activity of a Bridge Club or the emotional activity of a Darby & Joan Club.

This is why Companies promote team-work.

Teams of people work better when they co-operate with individual talents & skills uniting with a common objective for the mutual benefit of all of the team’s members.

This is why people join Churches.

A church is a body of people who share the same beliefs that meet each others physical & emotional needs as well as endorsing a common dogma, doctrine and set of moral values.

A Co-dependent Relationship

During adolescence, mixing with ‘independent’ people, we soon find that friends are very fickle.

My ability to get others to meet my emotional needs is dependent on my ability to meet their needs emotionally.

It is also dependent on my ability to get them to agree with my decisions and choices, or my ability to agree with theirs.

Agreeably meeting each others needs is the basis of a co-dependent relationship.

I meet your needs in return for you meeting mine.

It soon becomes apparent that what we all really need is that one special person who unconditionally meets all our needs.

The more needy that we are, the more difficult it becomes to meet that person.

Some eventually give up looking in the belief that Man’s best friend is a Dog.

Humans & Dogs, or Cats, develop co-dependent relationships that are often more reliable, more dependable, than human friendships.

Marriage has been designed to make our special co-dependent relationship a bond for life.

A marriage contract is there to ensure that the relationship remains long after our needs are no longer being satisfied and we realise that the relationship is far from being unconditional.

An Independent Relationship

I relate to other people in an Independent way when I am able to meet my needs myself.

As I grow into adolescence, I learn to provide whatever I need for myself and make my own decisions and choices.

Once I have learnt to independently meet my own physical needs, I am ready and able to leave home.

Becoming emotionally independent of my family does not make me emotionally independent.

By adolescence most people have sub-consciously learnt to get their emotional needs met by their friends.

Reliable friends & acquaintances can be depended upon to endorse my choice & decision making.

Conforming to peer pressure socially and at work is a form of mental security that many people depend on for their emotional competence.

A truly Independent Relationship is at one with my Inner Guidance System.

Being independent of my Soul will never allow my personal independence.

Consciously meeting my own emotional needs and owning my own beliefs is the pathway to allowing my mental & emotional independence to become realised.

A truly Inner-dependent Relationship is a partnership between my Self and my Soul, which gives purpose to my vision for my life.

A Dependent Relationship

I am in a Dependent Relationship when I am dependent on someone else for what I need.

My needs may be physical, mental or emotional.

I am dependent on another due to my physical incapability, my emotional incompetence or my mental incapacity.

When I rely on another for my emotional energy or my mental ability to choose for myself, I am in a dependent relationship.

We are all born into a dependent relationship with our parent or guardian.

As a baby, my parents attended to all my physical needs, met my emotional needs and made all my choices for me.

Dependent relationships continue until a level of independence is attained mentally, emotionally & physically.

An Unconditional Relationship

An Unconditional Relationship is inter-developmental.

The purpose of the relationship is to share personal attributes, attainments & qualities.

The value of the relationship is based on both partners sharing what they truly value.

When both partners are sharing their mutual True Values, there is no emotional need and there is no attachment.

There is a mutual emotional connection because both partners are connected to their own source of emotional power & authority.

The attraction of the relationship is one of pure attributes, attainments & qualities being expressed equally by both partners.

In a conditional relationship, the emotional needs of each partner determine the amount of love that each partner needs.

In an unconditional relationship, the true values of each partner are their expression of their connection to the Source of their true Love.

A Conditional Relationship

A Conditional Relationship is either co-dependent or inter-dependent.

Either way it is dependent on the value of the emotional needs that are being met within the relationship.

The value of the relationship is relative to the emotional needs that are being met.

What I need from a relationship determines the conditions under which I relate to another and another relates to me.

Conditional relationships are formed by an attraction of opposing genders of energy that create similar or opposing needs as a consequence of similar or opposing beliefs.

A co-dependent relationship is formed when two people meet each other’s needs.

An inter-dependent relationship forms when a group of like-minded people meet each other’s needs.

Where there is no requirement for emotional needs to be met, there are no conditions under which the relationship forms.