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Continuous Reality

Continuous Reality is a flat line.

Reality is a continuous vibration.

A continuously pure vibration has no wavelength or frequency, it is flat.

When reality comes to life, it attains a wavelength & a frequency.

It has a frequency called Time that has a speed & a distance.

It has a wavelength called Space that has a speed & a time.

In a continuous linear three dimensional dual reality, frequency is inversely proportionate to wavelength.

Therefore, the more frequent the Time, the less Space in Reality and the faster the speed, the shorter the distance.

Similarly, the longer the Space of the wave, the slower the Time in Reality and the slower the speed the longer the time.

Time in Reality is ‘Now’ & Space in Reality is ‘Here’.

Continuous Reality is the flat line of nowhere, until I am now here to bring it to Life.

Reality & Illusion

Reality & Illusion are a matter of perspective.

From the perspective of my sub-conscious id, my beliefs are real.

My opinions, my convictions, my anxieties, my worries, my problems, my pain & my fears are all real.

From the perspective of my conscious ego, only what I physically experience is real, the rest is an illusion.

Non physical reality is a projection of my creative imagination.

From the perspective of my super-conscious entity, physical reality is an illusion of my own creative imagination.

I am experiencing an illusion called reality and I am experiencing the reality of that illusion.

Reality is the experience of the present moment of here & now.

It is relative to space & time.

I am here in space, now in time, experiencing my own unique reality.

Everything else, past & future, is just an illusion created by space & time.

Man’s Laws

Man’s Laws govern how Man behaves.

Human behaviour is caused by human beliefs.

Humans believe that they need laws to ensure good behaviour.

Our beliefs create the reality that we are experiencing.

Physical actions that result from mental thoughts & emotional feelings are always aligned with God’s Law of Attraction.

We always experience the effect of how we feel about our actions relative to what we believe to be occurring.

The physical action of life is designed to be the effect of the emotional love of our inspired thoughts.

God’s Law has no polarity & no judgment, it just is.

Human behaviour can be judged as either positive or negative relative to beliefs & perspective.

To ensure that all Men share the same beliefs & perspectives, Man passes laws.

Man’s Laws define right action based on right thinking, without emotion.

Unfortunately, many laws of man constitute wrong thinking, false beliefs, fears & prejudice.

Man’s laws often prove Man to be an ass & a beast with a burden.

God’s Law is immutable & divine.

Man’s laws, even when set in stone, are not.

Lifting The Veil – Part 2

The Veil is actually a creation of other people’s belief that the physical world is absolute rather than relative to an Individual’s perspective.

Further attainments required are:

13. Knowing that you are the creator of your own reality.

14. Developing an intuitive sense of emotional awareness.

15. Becoming conscious of your own spiritual awareness.

16. Knowing that your essential purpose in physical reality is for the expansive growth of the Soul.

17. Being able to connect to your own source of pure emotional power.

18. Accepting the unlimited guidance & support available to create your own version of reality.

19. Consciously conceiving & realising the magnificent vision that you have conceived to be realised in this life-time.

20. Experiencing the beneficial joy of this journey in relative physical dual reality.

21. Knowing & approving that the veil was put there by you and for you, for a purpose.

22. Realising the purpose of the Veil, as this is the only way to lift it.

The Real World

Most people believe that the world is real and that they live in the real world.

They believe that their experience of the world is a real experience.

They believe that fantasy & fiction exists in books & films but is not a true perspective of the reality of their world.

They believe that anyone whose beliefs differ from theirs is not living in the real world.

They believe that their perspective of the real world is the real perspective of the world.

They believe that in the real world everyone has their own perspective of what is real and that they share the same perspective of what is real with everyone else.

They believe what they have been taught that there is only one reality and their version of reality is the real one.

Very few people believe that reality is the effect of their thinking and is therefore caused by their perspective and their beliefs about reality.

They prefer to believe that reality causes their beliefs about the world not that their individual beliefs about the world create their own unique experience of their own personal reality.

Everyone has their own unique perspective of the reality of the world that they are individually creating, yet most believe that reality is happening to them.

Even those who consciously make life happen by their own endeavour fail to acknowledge that they are causing their own real experience of the world.

Most people believe that they are at the effect of the reality of the world.

Only a small minority of people know that the reality of their world is a matter of their own choice & making.

Most people think that the minority of people who think they are creating their own reality are not living in the real world.


Flux is a state of continuous flow.

Infinite space & eternal time allow reality to continuously flow.

The Universe is in a state of flux, which allows personal reality to be in a state of flow.

Personal reality is a continuous flow of experience that is by nature constantly changing.

Flux can be experienced as a state of order or a state of confusion.

This is a choice of personal perspective about the nature of reality.

In actuality, life flows naturally due to its state of flux.

When flux is seen as a natural state of being, reality flows effortlessly through life.

When I am in flux,  I am in the flow of life.

Everything is in a state of flux means new & exciting experiences are able to flow effortlessly to me.

In Absolute Reality

In Absolute Reality, there is just Consciousness.

Consciousness is All That Is.

Relative dual reality allows Consciousness to be aware of its Self.

It allows Consciousness to be the Creator of its own Creation.

The Self is a creation of the Soul.

The Soul creates its Self in the image of its choice.

Realativity allows duality, which allows choice.

Choice is a thought projection of Consciousness.

Reality is a conscious project of choice.

Duality is the context in which Consciousness realises its Self.

In absolute reality there is just the singularity of Oneness.

In relative duality, there is the separation of the Self from the Soul.

This allows an individual experience of a separate existence.

In absolute reality there is no separation.

Separation is a choice of the Soul for its Self.